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Head of Unit - Compliance M/F

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CACEIS is the asset servicing banking group of Crédit Agricole and Santander dedicated to asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, banks, brokers and corporate clients.

Through offices across Europe, North and South America, and Asia, CACEIS offers a broad range of services covering execution, clearing, forex, securities lending, custody, depositary and fund administration, fund distribution support, middle office outsourcing and issuer services.

With assets under custody of €4.2 trillion and assets under administration of €2.2 trillion, CACEIS is a European leader in asset servicing and one of the major players worldwide (figures as of 31 December 2020).  



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Job description

Business type

Types of Jobs - Compliance / Financial Security

Job title

Head of Unit - Compliance M/F

Contract type

Permanent Contract

Expected start date


Management position


Job summary

The Head of unit - Compliance is in charge of a specific scope of activity within a business line or support function at a local level (branch). He/she is responsible for defining priorities, goals and roadmap for his/her unit in line with his/her management guidelines. He/she also ensures that the strategic objectives translate into concrete achievements.


Strategy Implementation

  • Implement the strategic vision of his/her business line within his/her scope of responsibility and identify the required means and resources
  • Ensure the successful outcome of his/her activity roadmap

Human Resources Management

  • Manage directly several managers / team managers, contributors and/or a large or complex team (e.g. experts, multicultural, multi-country, multidisciplinary resources)
  • Ensure permanent adequacy between his/her resources (skills, equipment, etc.), organization and activity stakes
  • Promote synergies and encourage the support of actors with different logics or priorities
  • Responsible for the budget of the cost center allocated (meet the given budget / create the budget within the process)

Activity Management

  • Define the organization of his/her unit and the distribution of roles & responsibilities
  • Build and arbitrate the budget of his/her unit
  • Anticipate and manage risks within his/her scope of responsibility
  • Develop, enhance and follow quality of service
  • May represent the company externally


  • May be required to take over part of the operational activities of his/her unit

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

  • Monitor and share market stakes and client expectations
  • Propose new ideas and/or projects to improve activity performance or to meet new business challenges
  • Encourage permanent review of process chains & prioritize proposals for process optimization

Ethics, Compliance and CSR

  • Ensures the correct application of the regulations in force and their operational variations within the Group
  • Integrates principles of the CACEIS Code of Conduct into his/her activities
  • Puts in place appropriate measures to prevent, detect and deter corrupt practices
  • Ensures compliance with CACEIS policies, standards and procedures
  • Gets familiar with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy of CACEIS and applies it to his/her activities

Position localisation

Geographical area

Europe, Ireland



Candidate criteria

Minimal education level

Bachelor Degree / BSc Degree or equivalent

Academic qualification / Speciality


Level of minimal experience

6-10 years


10 year's experience in Compliance

Required skills

Strategic leadership:
Understand and implement the strategy ; Represent the organization externally ; Make informed decisions

Change Management:
Promote transformation & Lead implementation ; Innovate ; Foster innovation ; Monitor market trends

Promote collaboration & Develop networks

Team Management and development:
Develop team members ; Federate, motivate and empower team members ; Manage or coordinate a diverse team ; Anticipate and manage conflicts

Organization and anticipation:
Optimize resources ; Manage a budget ; Contribute to risk control in is/her area of operations

Technical skills required

Interact in English in writing (email, presentations, etc.) and orally (meetings, telephone) with players within the organisation (e.g. subsidiaries) and/or outside the organisation (level 3)

Independently use most of the standard functionalities of office software in the context of unit activities (level 3)

Take charge of the progress and monitoring of a worksite or a stage of a project (e.g. statement of requirements, functional acceptances, etc.) under the direction of a project manager (level 3)

Acquire knowledge of the behaviour outlined in the Think Client charter and put it into practice, in relation to his/her activity, promote the charter and its implementation on a daily basis within CACEIS, and foster the development of everyone and him/herself on a daily basis

Acquire knowledge of the regulatory framework and internal directives through training and promote and systematically implement the standard procedures for verifying compliance in order to detect malfunctions and inform the identified contacts (direct manager or compliance officer) of them